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The Bay Area Club, Inc. is an essential business

As such, we must adhere to strict social distancing and sanitation guidelines

Effective Immediately:   MASKS ARE REQUIRED  inside the club at all times (except when specifically sharing during a meeting).

  • Community Service is suspended until a later date

  • NO Community Foods such as BBQ, PIZZA, ETC

  • If you are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms, please do not come to the club; Zoom meetings remain available for most groups. 

  • We all have personal responsibility as it pertains to our health and those around us. 

  • If you are immune compromised, or are caring for someone who is, please do NOT come to the club; utilize zoom meetings

  • Any attendees not wearing masks during meetings at the club, will be notified of the rule, and invited to leave the facility if they refuse to wear one properly.  These individuals are welcome to return if they comply with the house rules and the Governor's orders.

Following the guidelines from our previous COVID-19 plans, the following adjustments are proposed by the appointed BAC Task Force to begin the process of opening the BAC again.  We are expanding from our pre-closure plan regarding sanitizing/meeting locations.  This plan will extend until further notice, and will be revisited at each board meeting to determine compliance, effectiveness as well as feasibility.  A review will be made at this juncture; then it can be decided to expand or contract our restrictions.

INDOOR MEETINGS:  MASKS ARE REQUIRED  Following social distancing guidelines, the big room will be open and have 30 or so chairs (6 ft apart with floor markings); the small room will have 8-10 chairs per the same.  Groups that meet during these times can use this space as previously allocated.  Other groups may meet outside at their discretion or continue ZOOM.  Cleaning supplies are provided by BAC for all meetings.  Locations of meetings will be reflected on our website. 

GSR’s, please email and let us know the group’s decision regarding any changes to meeting locations (club or zoom).  We will update the website accordingly to reflect the information you provide. 

OUTDOOR MEETINGS: Continue to follow social distancing of 6ft; the club to consider purchase of 10’x20’ Covered Canopy to aide as outside temperature and weather is a factor.  This will be exercised on an as-needed basis after approval from the board to purchase up to 4. (Additionally these will be used for fund raiser events in the future)

FACILITIES:  Follow the guidelines from our previous COVID-19 processes with some added modifications:  Access into the building from one or two entrances only.  Place signs and floor arrows (with 6 ft markings) to flow people in one direction into the vending/coffee area.   

***  NO LOITERING INSIDE *** Strict pre-shutdown sanitizing routine in place

VENDING: Coffee, Snack Machine & Soda Machine will be open / accessible.  Social distancing: 1 person at a time

RESTROOMS: Modify from one person to two persons in each restroom.  Leave signs up that encourage cleaning up after yourself

BOOKSTORE: One person at a time in book store for purchases

CUSTODIAN HOURS:  11:00 AM  to  8:00 PM

CLUB HOURS:  Definitively 11AM-8PM, but possibly expanded – solely dependent on morning and 8PM meeting’s decision to return partially or fully to facility.  Should groups decide to stay on zoom right now, we will reflect this on our website and adjust the club hours accordingly at this time.  We stand by ready to accommodate early and late meetings on the normal schedule (full or partial) and have a plan in place to accommodate.  Early opening and late closures will be managed by trusted volunteers. 


It’s extremely important that GSRs of groups meeting before 11:00AM and after 7:30PM contact Ann K. to let us know of any changes to the group’s decision.

TRUSTED VOLUNTEER SERVANTS:   A list of dependable / reliable volunteers will be selected by the Task Force to assist in club opening and closing.  Early opening and late closures will be managed by trusted volunteers.  Additional volunteers during peak hours will be needed to assist with mopping, cleaning, coffee service, etc.   Volunteer opportunities are posted on this website in time slots around our busiest time.    Sign up is similar to the process of Intergroup phones

CUSTODIANS/VOLUNTEERS:  Required temperature taking prior to shift, and safety masks MUST be worn. All supplies provided by the BAC



We would like to suggest these be read to attendees before or after meetings.

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