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Intergroup Phone Lines

The Bay Area Club is responsible for manning the Intergroup phones starting this Friday April 24th at 5:00pm through Monday April 27th at 8:00am.  If you would like to volunteer for one of the shifts, please click on this link to sign up.  AA Intergroup Phone Sign up @BAC  or click on the button below... it will open a sign-up sheet that looks just like the Intergroup board at the club.  Each shift is 3 hours and there are 2 slots. This signup sheet is a live document so please be careful not to erase any one else’s name. Please put your phone number under your name. 

When you arrive for your shift, enter through the back doors of the club by the sponsor rooms. All other doors will remain locked.  The building is only being opened for the purposes of accommodating the intergroup phone volunteers. The restrooms will be available, but the meeting rooms will remain closed. 


The sign up sheet was created in Google docs. If you are having difficulty viewing it on your phone, you will need to download the Google Docs app from your app store.  If you access the sign up from your computer, you shouldn’t have any issues. If you do have any questions or difficulty in signing up, please contact John C. at 832-385-1533.

The Club will be open only for the purposes of providing this service until further notice. 

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